What Damage can Heavy Rain cause to Your Roof?

Roofs of buildings not only protect the structure, but they also shield the inhabitants against all external harmful elements. As a result, while the roof protects the occupants from natural elements such as snow, heat and rain, the roof also receives these and is affected. You might have heard about or seen roofs that have been damaged by cold and heat. Ever thought of how much damage heavy, continuous rains can do to your roof? This is true. You should always check the roof when there’s heavy rain to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. You can read the article below to find out from flat roof repairs about how rainwater damages roofs.

Ferns, Fungi

After some time, when it has rained cats and dogs, you will see ferns growing on your roofing. Firstly, this would ruin the look of the ceiling and secondly the valley. Such a one would be dangerous to climb.

Damp and Mould

Rain water that flows smoothly through the roof will not cause serious issues. However, if it becomes blocked the damp will appear on the roof. It would then cause mould. From the inside, it ruins it and gradually makes it weaker. Paint on the interior is affected as well by damp ceilings.

Rust & Loose Bolts

It is possible that the rust will appear on various parts of your roof. Rust reduces its strength and fragility. Roof shingles are made loose by the force and pressure of rainwater. It is possible for the roof to collapse at any given time.

Crack and Leakage

When heavy rains fall on the valley, they can cause damage to the roofing material. It can cause cracks, dent or other damage. Even a slight spillage on the roofing can turn into a major problem when it rains. When rainwater slips through, your interior will be affected too. This is what roof specialists in Bournemouth tell you.

Clogged Gutters

Rainwater can be stuck in gutters with various types of dirt, like leaves that are dry or other kinds of debris. This causes the water to stop flowing, causing a bad smell and attracting insects. The landscape is also damaged when water falls to the ground.